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                                                   Luscious                 Beautiful

                            blushing spider orchids               kangaroo apples                                 

                                    (Caladenia lorea)                  (Solanum aviculare)

                          spread leggy pink petals                 bear purple flowers & red-

                          on a Western Australian                 orange fruit amidst this east coast

                                                 sandplain.                 rainforest.


                                                   Bristling                   Flamboyant

                                      red toothbrushes                firewheel trees

                            (Grevillea hookeriana)                  (Stenocarpus sinuatus)

                                      brush passers-by                 boast scarlet spokes

                               in the depths of a dry                in the heart of the humid

                                                   summer.                 tropics.


                                             Upstanding                   Elegant

                                      scarlet banksias                   bleeding-heart trees

                                 (Banksia coccinea)                   (Homalanthus populifolius)

                      raise up squat, cylindrical                   warmly welcome weekend

                          pincushions in a native                   visitors in a native

                                                backyard.                  front yard.


                                                      Hardy                   Hardy

                                           tubada plants                  burrawang plants

                             (Melaleuca phonicea)                  (Macrozamia communis)

               grow green-blue leaves & red-                  grow green fern-like leaves

                     purple bottlebrush flowers                  & cantaloupe-coloured, pineapple-

                             beside this west coast                  shaped cones amidst this east coast

                                            watercourse.                  rainforest.


                                                       Fiery                    A rosy

                             lemon-scented myrtle                  Sydney rose

                                     responding to its                   responding to its

                   botanical name—Darwinia                   botanical name—Boronia

                 citriodora—is just as lemony                   serrulate—is just as sweet

                           and significantly more                    and dramatically more

                                              taxonomic.                   taxonomic.


          The red-and-green kangaroo paw                  The New South Wales waratah

                      (Anigozanthos manglesii)                   (Telopea speciosissima)

            is blossoming with long, curved                   is blossoming with a fluoro red

      mammalian fingers, its morphology                   flower arrangement, its morphology

                            singularly spectacular                    singularly spectacular


                                                              & emblematic.

‘West-East’ first appeared in the Plant Poetics issue of Plumwood Mountain.