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How often do you think about what’s in the ground beneath your feet? The cavities and caverns, the small bodies that live in subdued light? In our tenth edition, our writers and artists explore the science of the underground, drawing our attention to that which is often out of sight. Read more
Before being contacted by Australian Ant Art I was peripherally aware of the underground beauty found in ant's nests. Upon hearing what they had in mind I was only too keen to jump in and help them document this dig. Read more
The morning came, not gently like the sunrise should and has done in this place for more years than I know how to speak. The earth shook, and the racket from the birds as they rose into the air simply added to our abrupt awakening. Read more
It began with Egyptian mummies
hook to scramble and pull brain jelly
through nostrils, sacred jars for lungs Read more
I hadn’t seen Dave in a while and was probably due a visit. Read more