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Examine closely—as nebulae on a moonless night

can mimic a single blurry star. We survey through 

this telescope as young open stellar hives reveal 

nurseries, composers creating new work. Nestled 

amongst the Orion constellation swinging midway 

from the sword. Swimming fish. So many cultures

             deciphered its fiery presence

   possible                                         black hole                                               

  in its                                                   heart                                                   

In this                                                   summer                                              

breeze                                                   we see a

trapezium                                            cluster                                                

smouldering                                    scintillation                                         

   of interstellar clouds—ionized atomic hydrogen 

sulfur red ribbons of orange, icy blue       stencils in 

space—a collage of uncontained                   soaring 

peripheries                   Inside, on its way to forming 

planetesimals, its genealogy continuing as we breathe 

in, watching hazy edges untangling in this nightscape 

Light-corals inhabit the Milky Way. What it means to 

be near-by, connected, curious, observing but still so 


far                                                                    away