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Diamanté dusted skin
sparkles with warmth.
—A thousand exploding suns

	scatter sequin clad offspring.
	Fling them on a trajectory
	to slide through space and spheres.
		The weight of stars
		on their shoulders
		wisdom in their rays.

	They flee the destruction.
	No chance to phone home
	on arrival

		they beam
				they beam
						they beam.

			On a course to collide with comets
			merengue with meteors
			or land a pirouette on

				skin		hair				 fur 		 face

					bark		stem	leaf	branch

							to become vitamin d
							to synthesise a plant
							—an old growth forest.

							Do they  k N  O w
								      where they’re going 
								when they leave   H  O  M  E ?

The science inspiring the piece:

'What Is a Light-Year?' by Nasa Space Place

Feature image by Dylan O'Donnell [Public Domain]