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In this episode, Krystle speaks with Jodi Rodgers about her new book Unique: What autism can teach us about difference, connection and belonging – which Jodi describes as ‘a love letter to autism’. In her book, Jodi reflects on her experiences with autistic and neurodivergent people, and what these experiences have illuminated regarding human connection, empathy and understanding. Additionally, Jodi demystifies common misunderstandings concerning autism, explaining the relevant cognitive science, all the while doing so by way of engaging storytelling in accessible language.

About Jodi Rodgers:

Jodi Rodgers is a qualified sexologist, counsellor, and special education teacher. She featured as the relationship counsellor on Love on the Spectrum, a docuseries following young adults on the autism spectrum produced by Northern Pictures for ABC TV. The show was picked up by Netflix and gained an international following. Jodi is credited with contributing to the show’s warmth and authenticity, one New York Times journalist expressing thatWe could all do with a Jodi in our lives.’ Jodi's private practice Birds and Bees provides relationship and sexuality counselling that is accessible for everyone.

Unique is also available as an audiobook read by Jodi and is published outside of AU / NZ under How to Find a Four-Leaf Clover: What Autism Can Teach Us About Difference, Connection, and Belonging.

About Krystle Marie:

Krystle Marie is a mixed, neurodivergent sort-of writer based in Meanjin. She’s thrilled to be interning with SWN as a soon-to-be graduate of UQ’s Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing program. She's currently into Japanese language immersion. She's always into noise-cancelling headphones.

Unique is available in good book stores and online.

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Notes: When Krystle mentions ‘this’ during the conversation, she's referring to her hardcopy of Unique. Krystle also jokes about nodding while Jodi spoke at the Unique book tour event held in Brisbane’s Avid Reader book store. She is alluding to a passage in the book where ‘nodding’ is explained as acquired body language.